3CX Instructions

Welcome Email and App Install

The welcome email has important information to connect you to your extension and voice mails.  Changes to the information such as name or delivery email address must be submitted by your company’s designated HR contact.  If you are unsure who your HR contact is, please fill in this form.  We will email your company’s point of contact as well as copy you on the email.  They will submit any change requests.

What’s on the email

  • Your company’s phone system contact phone number and voicemail extension number
  • Your extension number
  • Your voicemail pin
  • Your computer and soft phone app setup file

Installing the 3CX Phone Software

It is not required to install the 3CX software to access and configure voicemail.  The 3CX platform can be used with basic call in usage or through the 3CX Phone app.  The app is available for Windows, MAC, Android, and iPhone.  Please make sure that your systems are up to date.  Have your computer or phone out of date could prohibit you from installing the app on your device.

Click here if you need help removing previous versions

Download the appropriate client for your device:
For Windows: http://downloads.3cx.com/downloads/3CXPhoneforWindows14.msi
For Mac:    http://downloads.3cx.com/downloads/3CXPhoneforMac14.dmg
For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tcx.sipphone14
For iPhone:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3cxphone-14-for-3cx-phone/id992045982?ls=1&mt=8

After the software is installed, open the welcome email and click the attachment.  If the 3CX phone app fails to load your profile, please fully close the application and try a second time.

Connecting to Voicemail in 3CX

The voicemail extension is always 9’s.  This is the same regardless of being outside of the office, inside the office, or on the smartphone app.  If you have a 2-digit extension, you would dial 99, a 3-digit extension would dial 999 etc.

From outside of the office:

  • Dial the main company phone number or assigned voicemail number. When the digital receptionist answers dial 999.
  • Launch the 3CX mobile app from your smartphone or tablet. Wait for it register as on-hook, and dial 999.

From inside the office:

  • Press the message button on your phone
  • Dial 999

After you have connected to the voice mail system, you will hear a set of prompts.  Depending on where you are calling from, you will need your extension number and pin from the “Welcome Email.”  If you do not have this information, please open a ticket with support, or contact your company HR person.

Initial Voicemail Setup

Within 3CX, there are a few ways that people can call or locate you.  The dial by name feature if one of the easiest methods to locate company employees.  In order to function, you must run the initial setup for your voicemail.  During the initial setup, you must record your self identification message.  If you do not record your self id, people will not be able to locate you in “Dial By Name.”

Please follow the following steps to setup your Self Identifier and Voice Mail Greeting.

  1. Connect to your voicemail system
  2. When the prompts begin, press “9” to go directly to voicemail setup options
  3. Press “5” to start recording your self-ID (Just your name)
  4. Press “8” from the main menu to record your personal greeting.

Please consider these facts when recording

  • Voicemail greeting should be short and sweet. If a large amount of information needs to be relayed, a digital receptionist can be recorded.
  • Are you the final route for a queue, or ring group like billing, or support? State your name and then your department.
  • Start with minimal information in your greetings. You will be able to rerecord the message later if you need to append something.  It is best to learn the functionality of your extension and smartphone or desktop app, then settle on a method of receiving calls and voice mails.

We continuously alter the instructions based on the primary needs of our customers.  We will be adding additional instruction sets in the next few weeks.  The entire user instructions are located at the following link