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Our team at Alltech Services offers a variety of tech and IT services centered around our culture of quality customer service. We work with VOIP systems, including the 3CX. We also work with cameras and surveillance systems.

We provide setup, support, and repairs for cameras, VOIP, surveillance systems, computers, networks, tables, and much more. When you’re looking for the best in IT services, call our team at Alltech Services!

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As security needs have evolved, so have cameras and surveillance systems. At Alltech Services, we can help you find the best surveillance options for your business. Today’s businesses can choose from standalone cameras, motion sensors, and much more. We can install, maintain, and repair your surveillance systems to help keep your business secure.

Cameras and surveillance systems are crucial for keeping many businesses secure. Gone are the days of grainy security camera images. Today, cameras are more advanced than ever before. Our IT and security professionals at Alltech Services can help you choose the right cameras and technologies for your surveillance system. Call us today to get started!

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Keeping an Eye on Your Security

There are many security challenges facing today’s businesses. While there are more and more online threats, there are still in-person security concerns for many businesses. Security cameras and surveillance systems can help support the safety of your business. Today’s business security systems offer many features, including:

  • CCTV Cameras
  • Cloud Connected Cameras
  • Motion Sensored Recording
  • Audio Recording
  • Two Way Video and Audio
  • Night Vision Security Cameras
  • Computer Surveillance Systems

These are some of the most popular features today’s businesses seek in surveillance technologies. Many systems can be controlled via your server, through the cloud, or even through a cell phone or tablet application. Some systems allow for audio recording, and there are even motion sensor systems which include two way audio and/or video.

Full Support for Your Security

If you need help choosing the right camera or surveillance system for your business, allow our professionals at Alltech Services to help. We can take an assessment of your current coverage, helping identify gaps for improvement. We use the latest technology to help install security cameras and other technologies which are secure when it comes to online protection as well. We will use all firewalls and antivirus protocols to help ensure that only authorized users will access your surveillance system.

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Troubleshooting and Maintenance

A surveillance system is no good if it’s always malfunctioning. At Alltech Services, we maintain, repair, and troubleshoot security and surveillance systems. We can repair equipment, replace broken components, and upgrade software or operating systems to keep your security cameras running properly.

Any business can benefit from security cameras, but at Alltech Services, we know that your business deserves more than just cameras. Your business needs full surveillance solutions to monitor premises, servers, and even computers. We offer solutions for monitoring these and many other components of your business. If you are looking to install, maintain, repair, or troubleshoot your cameras and surveillance systems, call our team at Alltech IT Services. We’re here to help!

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